Tom Rhiel is Co-Founder and Editor of WoJo Holdings, LLC (Women’s Journeys™)), the umbrella company for Kaleidoscope™ a book series dedicated to the unique journey of women.

The son of a librarian, Tom developed a passion for books and writing at a young age. “I was introduced to a wide range of literature at an early age and it planted the seed that has led to a life filled with the wonder of language and storytelling. I have a modest library of approximately 3,000 titles and it’s a reminder of where I was in life, my interests and what occupied my mind over the course of a life-time up to this point.”

Tom was successful in both a corporate career and in a following consulting career. “The fun of consulting was having the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of clients, from small family owned businesses to large multi-nationals.” His business career gave him the opportunity to write and he is the author of a number of articles published in regional business magazines as well as a number of speeches written for other leaders.

As his business career begins to wind down, Tom intends to devote more time to his own writing and to answer a voice that’s always been nagging in the background – “when are you going to get serious about this writing thing?”