Carol Klinger

I first became aware of the Kaleidoscope mission when a friend lent me her copy of your published stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the collection. Then, that friend told me of your holiday contest, and persuaded me to enter. Okay, she badgered me a bit! She seemed to enjoy some of my verbal stories, including the one that I later put on paper.

I actually wrote quite a bit in high school, starting with English assignments, prose and poetry, also for the school paper, then mostly short stories for a few years. That went on a back burner once I was working and raising a family. So the idea of writing again was the real spur in my hide for this contest!

I do not belong to any writers group. But this has me coming up with a few outlines for future stories. One thing I would like to explore is the “what if” angle  - what if I had taken a different path in my life, or maybe why didn’t I do this or that. I think that avenue might appeal to many women “of a certain age”, who have less ahead than behind them. This may be an angle to pursue with a writing group. I think it can be a worthwhile exercise, and shouldn’t be looked on as a way to complain about something missed, but as a way possibly to celebrate what one has accomplished, and maybe still can. Every woman has a story, indeed, has multiple stories. She should be putting these to paper, to learn from herself, and to pass on to generations of women to come.