Anthology Submissions


This has been an exciting year+ as we’ve launched Kaleidoscope WoJo™ and have gathered stories from an amazing group of writers. As many of you know we’ve been running contests centered on themes and rewarding the top entry with a $100.00 prize. We will be taking a temporary hiatus from that format as we are creating an anthology collected from the many stories we have received. Our current plan is to have this anthology available spring 2020. While we will temporarily pause our contests we would like to keep open the themes. In other words, if you have a story you would like to submit for consideration in the anthology, please we encourage you to send it along by 11/1/19 11:59pm ET. Stories submitted to date are already being considered.

We still consider ourselves very new at all this and we really thank all the writers and readers who have joined us on this journey. We’re learning and feedback provided by many of you has been instrumental in guiding us. Thanks and keep submitting and suggesting/recommending.

Also, if you’ve submitted a story and haven’t filled out a Writer’s Interview and would like to be featured in that section of the website, please click here to let us know so we can provide you the form to complete.


Summer Vacation

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Coming of Age in

the 60’s & 70’s

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Advice to Younger Self

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Miscellaneous Memoir

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